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Seaside campsite, perfect for fishing around Brest

Saint Jean Campsite is a sea fishing spot by the Rade de Brest (Bay of Brest) in Brittany.
In addition to having a swimming pool, our campsite is close to Brest, located right on the doorstep of one of the most beautiful bays in Europe. It is also an exceptional fishing spot where you’re allowed to fish most of the species in our region.

If you want to try to catch different types of fish, try fishing with a lure.
You’ll be able to cook barbecues with all sorts of regional fish found in the Rade de Brest: sea bass (from April to December), squid, pollack, mackerel, sole and seabream.


If you prefer shellfish, try shore fishing by simply setting out on foot from the campsite. Several sites are recommended for shore fishing : Moulin Blanc beach in Brest, or Porz Gwenn and the Sillon de Lauberlac’h in Plougastel. You can find shells, clams, razor shells, periwinkles, shrimps… All you need to delight your taste buds.

Fishing campsite in Finistère in Brittany
seaside holidays in Finistère

However, there are a few rules you need to follow for coastline preservation purposes: make sure you respect minimum size indications, put stones back in their original position, avoid going fishing alone, respect professional fishing facilities. Make sure you check tide times in advance to avoid risking getting caught by the rising sea tide.

Continue your discovery of the Breton coasts by boarding the Loc’h Mona, an old sailing ship, for a day trip. Catamarans and windsurfing boards are also available for rent near the 4-star Saint Jean Campsite. Those who prefer the open sea can visit islands such as Ushant, Molène and Sein, on board a sea shuttle from Brest.
Services offered by Saint Jean Campsite for a special fishing holiday.

Suitable for the following categories of holidaymakers: Youth / Adults / Families / Groups

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Fishing campsite in Finistère in Brittany
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